About Us

Engineering First Principles was co-founded by Luke Seal and Jack O'Neill in 2018 as a Private Limited Company registered under the name Engineering First Principles Limited and company number 11185685. 


Engineering First Principles is an affordable engineering consultancy business that offers a range of services. It was initially founded due to a large social media following by connecting theoretical engineering principles to practical applied engineering examples. The primary goal of the business is to offer affordable engineering solutions, training services, STEM promotions and continued social media development under the keen eyes of enthusiastic and experienced engineers. 


Engineering First Principles differentiates itself from other business due to offering these solutions for low cost, significant customer interaction to ensure that the right solution is implemented and a wide range of services across various engineering industries. 

The long term goal of the business is to continue producing world class engineering solutions, training and blogs. To achieve this we will invest time and money to become a major player in these industries. We are passionate about the business and hope to continue to develop as we have done from the start offering a wide range of services. 

If you have any questions relating to the business, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via our 'contact us' page. 

Luke T Seal Engineering