Why Should I Get LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking service targeted at professionals in many industries, including employers posting job vacancies and job seekers posting the resumes. It currently has 546 million users in 200 different countries and is an incredibly useful tool for anyone, regardless of their current situation. Here are 4 key reasons why you need to get it:

1. Recruiters are on LinkedIn

Whether you’re in work, looking for work or studying, LinkedIn is a platform that enables you to document your achievements and build up a profile, enabling recruiters to target you more easily with jobs that will likely be suited to you. You can add recruiters to your network and subscribe to job vacancies they post about, allowing you to keep in touch with what’s out there even if you’re not thinking of switching jobs.

Source: Jobvite

2. Network building

The bigger your network, the better. LinkedIn enables you to stay in contact with former classmates and colleagues and watch what they’re up to, possibly hearing about new opportunities through them. You can also share knowledge, experience and resources.

Source: Citizen Recruitment

3. Impartial news

LinkedIn also offers a relatively impartial news source. This does depend on your network but generally news articles from LinkedIn tend to be factual and unbiased. The news can also be tailored to you and your interests. For more individual views and articles including industry professionals, you can head over to LinkedIn's Blog too. You can also write blogs and share your own personal experiences.

Source: LinkedIn

4. Raise exposure for you and/or your business

LinkedIn allows you to build up your own profile, displaying your achievements which helps attract interest from recruiters when job hunting. You can write about your studies, previous jobs, and skills which you can be endorsed for by people on your network.

But LinkedIn isn’t just for individuals - it’s a great online marketing strategy for businesses too. A page can help your business gain a following, enabling you to post updates such as articles, offers and information about products and services. It may also help you find investors, recruiters, partners, buyers and suppliers.

Source: LinkedIn

Getting started:

To get yourself set up head to LinkedIn and create a profile. Remember this is a professional social network so don’t use pictures of you on holiday for your profile photo. A sensible shot of you in work clothing or graduation gown will suffice.

The best way to get started is to transfer your CV to your profile. LinkedIn makes this very easy, with sections for your education, previous work experience and skills. Then search for people you know or work with and create a build your network. Allowing LinkedIn to have access to your contacts makes this faster and simpler.

Follow companies and organisations you’re interested in to generate a news feed. If your job hunting visit the ‘Job Portal’ where you’ll find a list of jobs tailored to your interests, skills and expertise. In the near future we hope to be setting up a LinkedIn page and would love you to follow it! In the mean time check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the links on the header and footer of the site.

Luke T Seal Engineering